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Hogwarts: A History [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Hogwarts, A History

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Guidelines [Sep. 20th, 2004|11:05 pm]
Hogwarts, A History


Write about the history of Hogwarts; for purposes of this project, we are setting that date as 990 A.D. Please write in narrative form, mimicking the style of a school textbook as much as possible. You can feel free to look to either of JKR's Hogwarts Schoolbooks (Quidditch Through the Ages or Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them) for stylistic inspiration; footnotes and endnotes are allowed but not required.

You must include at least one item from the Muggle history and one item from the Wizarding history in the timeline.

The winner of each round will be able to use a special icon on FictionAlley, and after we've changed the forum software to an upgraded version (Fall, '04), everyone who's submitted a chapter by that point will get either use of a larger Owl box or a "notepad" through October 1, 2005.
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Master Timeline [Sep. 19th, 2004|03:33 am]
Hogwarts, A History

Here is the Master Timeline of the project. An asterisk (*) denotes an event in Wizarding history.

CHAPTER 1: Pre-history of HogwartsCollapse )

CHAPTER 2: 941-1100Collapse )

CHAPTER 3: 1101-1288Collapse )

CHAPTER 4: 1289-1320Collapse )

CHAPTER 5: 1321-1419Collapse )

CHAPTER 6: 1420-1485Collapse )

CHAPTER 7: 1486-1560Collapse )

CHAPTER 8: 1561-1650Collapse )

CHAPTER 9: 1651-1689Collapse )

CHAPTER 10: 1690-1743Collapse )

CHAPTER 11: 1744-1792Collapse )

CHAPTER 12: 1793-1837Collapse )

CHAPTER 13: 1838-1901Collapse )

CHAPTER 14: 1902-1944Collapse )

CHAPTER 15: 1945-1982Collapse )
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Welcome! [Sep. 19th, 2004|03:32 am]
Hogwarts, A History

Welcome to a_history, the Livejournal community for the Fiction Alley group write of:
Hogwarts, A History.

This journal will be the the place to get all the information for the project: updates, status reports, the timelines, historical facts, reference links, questions, answers and more!

Your friendly mod and chief historian is shakespearechic. You can reach me at shakespearechick@gmail.com

The Basics

What: A group write of Hogwarts, A History
Where: Fanlib
Who: You!! Fancy yourself a historian? Interested in Muggle and Wizarding history? Think you can write the 'history' of Hogwarts in a creative and interesting way? Then we want YOU! Within the guidelines, you can write chapters of Hogwarts, A History, submit them to Fanlib and they will be voted on!! The "winner" of the vote will be the chapter we keep.

The Chapters

The chapters will be broken down by the timeline. There will be a two week period to submit chapter submissions followed by a week for voting on them.

Important Links

Hogwarts, A History

The Timeline
Chapter Submission Dates
The HP Lexicon

History Reference


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